Thursday, June 28, 2007


Aditya was busy with his blog but his daughter Ashrathi was too restless to see him too busy like this. She was curious to know what her dad was doing. He never brought work home but today he is so occupied with his computer. Ashrathi was just 10yrs old. She wondered may be her dad is not in a mood to play with her now. She tried to initiate a conversation with him every time but he would never get involved. She wondered what was so important to him than her. Ash was her dad’s girl. Always she wants to be with him, trouble him, and play with him except for the hours she spends in school. She always required his attention.But today seeing him so occupied with something she got too furious and went back to her room and sat in her bed. She didn’t want to do anything, she was angry on her dad as he didn’t even bother her or her talks.

Adi completed his blog and was smiling at it when he clicked the Post button. He got a kind of satisfaction after this blog. It was about his experience that day. He was too eager to blog it from the evening after he came back from office but dint get time as he had to go out for shopping with Sumi to get prepared for Ash’s birthday. He was contented now.
When he decided to leave the computer and go see if Ash slept Sumi told him that she is not fine and is angry about something. ‘She is not responding at all. I tried to put her to sleep she just dint want me to do it. Did you scold her for anything? What happened why is she so angry?’

Adi had no clue why Ash would be angry, he thought may be he didn’t get her what she wanted, but there was nothing like that. Ash is not a girl who is so adamant to get something but what is it suddenly. May be she asked him something and he dint respond at all and decided to go ask her what was it.
When he came in he saw her cute little lady seated in her bed, angry. The moment Adi came in her eyes rolled up to see if he was approaching her or now. Adi understood that it was some mistake of his for which Ash is angry. She was so beautiful in that pose, wearing a pink color night dress with floral designs on it. Her cute pony tail half loosened. And of course her favorite teddy bear in her hand.
Adi approached her and asked ‘Hey ash kutti unakku enna aachu en kovam. Appa kitta solla mattiya’. He tried asking her in many ways, every time he spoke she would turn her direction and sit. Adi had to play with her saying ‘Yaaro silenta vai orama sirikkara mathiri irukkae’ hearing that Ash started to smile, he tickled her and played a lot to make her smile.

Then he silently asked ‘Enna Kovam da kutti’ She said ‘ Nee than enna maranthutta la, computer la busy a iruntha enna kandukkavae illa’.
‘Acho sorry da appa kathai ezhuthitirunthen…..’ To that she asked ‘enakku kathai.
He picked her and went to his computer and showed her his blog. She asked if she can write stories like him. He was explaining her every thing and commented that when she grows up she would also be able to write like this. She was looking into the screen and the pictures in her Dad’s blog suddenly when scrolling down. She noticed her name. Pointing to it she asked ’En paeru yaaru ezhuthina’. That’s when Adi explained to her saying ’Aswini nu enaku oru friend irukka da Ash, ava naan ezhuthina kathaya pathi eppadi irukku nu comment panni irukka’, Ash replied saying ‘Oh aswini aunty en en paeru la ezhuthi irukka avanga paerum athana, naan ezhuthina enakku intha mathiri comment kuduppangala?’ Adi didn’t know how to explain her still he tried ‘Antha aunty un paerla than eppavumae ezhuthuvanga, nee yum nalla ezhuthinena avanga unakkum comment kuduppanga ok,’ Ash wasn’t contented with the answer she kept questioning him…Adi couldn’t answer everything so he had to change topic saying ‘seri time aachu nee poi thoonganum la vaa polam’. She hugged her dad when he picked her up and was asking ‘daily kathai ezhuthuviya…appo enakku daily antha kathai ellam sollriya’…. Adi had no answer other than ‘Hmmm’. Hearing her dad she felt very happy. Then in her room he put her on bed, patted her for a while till she went to sleep.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another day

It was a fine morning, Aravind hated these mornings as it was time for him to wake up and proceed to his usual work after a long weekend. But no other go he had to start. When he woke up he saw Arthi still asleep in her bed. It was so sweet to look at her sleep like a kid. Arthi was in her sixth month of pregnancy. He was wondering nobody would ever believe she is going to be a mom soon in just three months. The way she behaved and the way she slept like a cute little kid. He was happy she was sleeping at least today otherwise she would wake up early in the morning and start doing house hold chores, though doctor has denied her not to do due to her health conditions.

Thank god his mom is here to see she is not doing work. Otherwise it would be tough for him to run behind her telling her not to do this and that. Except for him she listens to none. Only his words can make her eat or sleep properly. She being so adamant in her food habits troubled him a lot. For her sake he decided to travel back home for lunch to make sure she ate well and on time. He was happy that she was taking good rest today. It took him so much pain to make her sleep the previous night.

He started to office, Arthi was still sleeping he didn’t want to disturb so he just went nearby and whispered in her ears ‘Bye dear, take care’ kissed her on her fore head and left the place. She was deep in sleep that she didn’t even react a bit.

Aravind informed his mom and left for office. His mom reminded him to be on time for lunch as she won’t be there to take care of Arthi, since she was going out to visit a relative. Thank god she reminded him else he would have forgotten.

First thing he did after reaching office was to set the alarm in his mobile to reach home on time for lunch. Also he reminded himself to call Arthi every one hour to make sure she was fine. But unfortunately he got too much held up with his office work and meetings that he totally forgot to call her up.

Arthi was all alone at home she was upset that she wasn’t awake to wish Aravind bye when he left for office. After her mother-in-law left, she felt even lonelier so didn’t feel like doing anything. She thought Aravind would call her but he didn’t. Out of boredom she dint want to eat too.

It was lunch time Aravind forgot to switch on his phone after the meeting and was involved in solving some issues in the project. After 1 hour he felt hungry and looked into the watch to see it was late for lunch and he didn’t even bother to call her at all. He didn’t want to call her then and give excuses he rushed back home in his car to see her.

She opened the door when the door bell rang and asked him if he would eat. He just asked her sorry and if she ate. She didn’t reply at all. He knew she was angry on him as he didn’t bother to call her at all. She went into the kitchen to get his food, Aravind just followed her and tried to start a conversation with her but she wouldn’t
To cool her he hugged her and said sorry and promised her that he would spend sometime with her before he returns back to office. She just smiled. He brought her food and started to feed her. Out of anger that was just for him but happy she started to bite his fingers whenever he fed her. She just enjoyed him say ouch! He would say ‘Ammu please eat properly don’t bite my fingers’.
When he was repeating this again and again the door bell rang to his surprise Arthi’s parents where there. Seeing him feed her Arthi’s mom volunteered to feed her so that he could eat. When Aravind just looked at Arthi and saw her face turns blue hearing that, He understood she didn’t want that to happen. Aravind replied to her mom saying she is done I will complete.

After she ate Aravind went to have his food when he was about to leave they got a call and Arthi picked it up it was her mother-in-law asking her if she ate and if Aravind came home. She was explaining things and finally she ended her call saying Aravind will come and pick her up in the evening. She had no other go except to say bye to Aravind as it was time for him to leave for work.

Returning back in car Aravind just couldn’t understand why Arthi reacted so, but he knew what it meant. Arthi was so close to her mom she loved eating from her mom’s hands he knew it well but her behavior today was very unusual. He dialed her and asked why suddenly she just replied saying I just wanted you to feed me that’s all. He couldn’t understand the sudden change.

Though he had no proper explanation he understood the fact how adaptable women are with time and situation. Aravind was a stranger for her once though husband now but her mom is always her mom but she had to change priorities after her marriage. He was wondering how women managed to handle such things he had no answers as he knew god only had answers to these.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Marriage- Union of two hearts filled with Luv

Like all others even Aravind had no idea until he met Arthi in his life. Aravind an engineering graduate never gave much importance to the fact of marriage in his life.
He fared well in his engineering that he got a very good job through campus recruitment. But he had to go through loads of tough times to reach this level. It’s now nearly 6 years since he started working and is now a network administrator. This is his dream job, where he wanted to work and come up in life. He had to go thru a tough periods to reach this position; his dream job. He was one of the youngest network engineers to have reached this position. He is a wonderful team member people always loved to be in his team.
He is the only son to his parents. After his sister’s marriage when he was settled with a good job his parents wanted to do his marriage. But Aravind wasn’t of normal kind wanted to achieve his dream of becoming a network administrator and was dead against marriage till he achieves his dream. He convinced his parents saying they can proceed when he reaches his goal.
Now he has the dream he wanted to come true has come. It was a week since he got this designation and was so excited and contented. His parents as per his decision started looking out for a bride for him. The process was going on in fast pace. He had no clue as what was going to happen who it was to be. He was so occupied with is work for so many years that he literally forgot the fact of a life partner a family of his own. Now its time he has to think of it but he didn’t know whether he was prepared for it or not. But was pretty sure he had no other go and can’t drag this marriage concept any more as his parents wont listen to him any more. Out of compulsion of thoughts he started thinking about his life partner but was too confused as the only thing bothered him was will the girl understand him. Thoughts about life partner led him far from where he was he started to dream loads. At a point he started feeling like it should be more of a love marriage rather than an arranged marriage. But he feared telling this to his parents. Not because they will be dead against love marriage but because he felt too shy and didn’t know how he will go tell them. Actually his parents were open to anything they just wanted their son to be happily settled with a family. Still something stopped Aravind from discussing about his views to his parents. Nearly 2 weeks passed by and look out for a bride for him was done with first step of horoscope matching. His parents where discussing mostly about this day and night.
This raised a kind of excitement and fear in Aravind about his life and life partner. His inner heart wanted to know who it will be as by that time he was almost living in his dreams. He didn’t know whom to discuss this with. He wanted someone to share his feelings. He wanted to see his life partner.
Dreams about his marriage filled in his time. He wasn’t able to do his work. One of his close friend who was married understood it and asked him “Excited is it? Hmmm you must be. All the best” the more he dreamt the more he feared his life. There was always one thought “How will I know my dream girl?”
It was morning and when he was about to start to office he was tying his shoe laces sitting in the sofa. Then he sees a card lying on the floor. He picks it up to see a photo of a girl. She was very cute and was smiling. Aravind ignored it and left for office. Though he had ignored his mind kept reminding of the girl’s face he got so disturbed and wanted to ask his parents; but how. He tried to think of some reasons but he couldn’t.
When he made up some reason he dialed his home number to speak to his mom. Before he could say anything his mom told him “ Aravind unakku oru ponnu pathirukkom, ava romba azhaga irukka, engalukku avanga familyum pidichirukku naanga proceed pannalamnu irukkom”. He didn’t know what to say…He didn’t even feel like asking his mom who is she or what is she doing. He just replied “HMMM” even his mom never gave any detail beyond that. After the phone conversation he was not normal. Something troubled him is that the marriage talk or the girl. But he thought I made up my mind for marriage then what is that troubling me. He questioned himself and found out there was one thought which was troubling him the GIRL. He has never seen her. He doesn’t know who she is then why. Questions popped up in his mind but only answer he got is he liked her. Aravind never believed love at first sight but now he felt may be this is love at first sight. Something in his inner heart told him he wants to marry her. He felt some intimacy within himself thinking about her. He knows nothing about the girl still his mind wanted her.
Aravind couldn’t stop his dreams and thoughts about the girl he wanted to make them all come true. He started back home. While driving back home he kept rehearsing how he is going to speak to his mom about his views. At last he reached home. Today the journey from office seemed to last for hours for him though it was just 20minutes. Back at home he saw his dad watching TV and mom seriously cooking in the kitchen. Aravind always felt more comfortable speaking to his mom. So he decided and went into the kitchen to speak his mom. Seeing him his mom asked if he wants to have something and how was office. The conversation goes by but every time Aravind tried to tell he finds himself unable to. Then he returned to his room to refresh. His mind kept thinking about his marriage and wanted to know who that girl was. He came into the hall and searched for a while if he could find the photo of the girl but his bad luck it was not there.
Seeing him being restless his mom asked him what was wrong but Aravind dint know how to open up the talk. He wanted to speak but something kept troubling him. It was dinner time and they were all seated in the dining table that’s when his mom started speaking about his marriage and about the tentative date of marriage. They wanted him to ask something about his marriage but they didn’t know he wanted to but wasn’t able to. Mom then opened up the topic about the bride what she is and what’s her qualification and all. Aravind showed no reactions towards their talks. He just wanted that photo girl.
Then his mom gave him a photo and asked him to look at. Oh my god it was her; the girl who troubled her from the morning. He was feeling so happy he smiled like ever. He didn’t know what to do that he got up from his seat and hugged his parents and said “Thank you so much”. His parents had no clue why he is reacting like this suddenly. That’s when Aravind explained them all that. His mom after hearing all this just said “Enga kitta kekka unakku enna da avalo vekkam huh….. Un sathosham than engalluku venum… “ he didn’t know what to say further. He was so proud that his parents had found the girl of his choice. Later that night he couldn’t sleep that he went and woke his mom and started asking some questions about the girl. Then only he came to know the girl’s name to be “Arthi”. He felt beautiful name Arthi, my own Arthi……thoughts really were flowing inside him. His mom didn’t know what to say. She was so happy to see his son being so romantic.


Sweet Morning! Aravind was getting ready to office and Arthi was busy house keeping as she had some work to do later that day. Though she doesn’t work full time she supports the solution architecting team as a consultant. The air was so silent. Neither of them spoke as they had a small argument on attending a party the previous evening.

The fight started when Aravind came up from office with the news that they have a party that weekend hosted by his colleagues and they have to attend. Previous week itself Arthi had planned for an outing to a near by fall, as she wanted to have some change and also wanted to spend some special time with Aravind. That’s there special place, the place where they went in usually when they were friends. They used to sit there for long hours chat and have fun. She wanted to see that happen again. But this party invite upset her she insisted not to go for the party instead to the falls. Aravind wanted to go to falls too but this invitation he couldn’t reject as it was his colleague’s marriage party. So he tried his level best to make Arthi understand the fact but she wasn’t ready to. She had been waiting for this Saturday for weeks. She was getting too upset and argued a lot saying she won’t be happy if she goes to the marriage party. Aravind tried to convince her saying he would take her there next weekend. Arthi wasn’t ready to believe it as this plan had got postponed like this for weeks; she wanted it to happen this weekend no matter what. Arthi felt to her self that she was acting too childish but she wouldn’t bother she just wanted him to take her there. Arguments went high since Arthi wasn’t ready to understand anything of Aravind’s inability and she kept opposing things. After a while both of them dropped silent. At a point Aravind got to furious that he got dressed up took his vehicle and went out. Arthi didn’t want to stop him she just left him and sat in the bedroom to listen to music but she wasn’t enjoying it, her mind wasn’t peaceful after the fight. She knew she could have avoided such a fight but she didn’t know why Aravind considered his colleague’s invite more important than her request.

Though thoughts troubled her she went and prepared the dinner, his favorite dinner. Arthi decided to drop this fight for a while. She hated to fight at the dining table; she wanted him to eat well. So she decided to speak to him normal forgetting all that happened. Aravind came back home Arthi wanted to know where he went but she didn’t she was silent. He got refreshed and Arthi invited her to the dinner. He never responded just came in silently and joined the dining table. She tried to converse with him in terms of serving him but he wouldn’t respond. He helped him self with his food avoiding her help, ate and went back to the living room. She couldn’t bear the way he reacted. She felt a lot. She thought he would at least forget everything and speak to her but he wouldn’t. She just didn’t like the food she made. She cleaned up everything and went into the living room to speak to him to say sorry to him. When she went in there she saw him fast asleep in the sofa.

Never has a fight gone so far between them like this. What ever the fight may be both of them would drop it off after a time and would start conversing as usual. This time it wasn’t that way. Arthi couldn’t understand why he was behaving like this. She thought may be he slept off without his conscience and she left the room. She wasn’t used to sleeping alone in her bed she missed him there; he didn’t even wish her good night which he never forgets in her life time.

The night was very strange to her she just slept off thinking all that happened that evening. Morning when she woke up Aravind was up too getting ready for office. He wasn’t talking still Arthi didn’t want to spoil his mood by asking questions further that she too kept silent.

Things went on without any conversation Aravind skipped his breakfast, dint take his lunch either which Arthi had prepared for him and left for office without even saying bye to her. Arthi didn’t know what to say she just wanted things to turn back normal. Why was Aravind acting so strange towards her, there had been worse fights than this between them but he never has been away from her like this without talking. She felt very bad.

She diverted her mind into work thinking that things will turn normal when Aravind comes back from office. She wanted to apologize to him and tell him she would go for the party and he can take her to the falls when he has time. Since she didn’t have a good sleep last night she just went to take a nap for a while so that she can wake up early before Aravind comes home and prepare his dinner. She wasn’t getting sleep though she wanted to she was thinking more about him she missed him a lot. That she went in and picked his favorite shirt he wears at home and wore it and slept hugging his photo she used to have in their bedroom.

Aravind came home, thinking that Arthi won’t be there at home opened up using his key.
When he came in to the bedroom he found Arthi sleeping on the bed nicely wrapped up in the bed sheets. He was just able to see her face she was fast asleep. He didn’t want to disturb her, when he went to refresh he felt like wearing his favorite shirt. It wasn’t there where it was supposed to be. He searched every where he couldn’t find it. He got irritated thinking that Arthi was being so careless about his favorite shirt that he woke her up and before she could open up her eyes he started shouting at her asking where the hell did you put my shirt. That’s when Arthi removed her bed sheet revealing that she was wearing his shirt. The way Aravind asked her for the shirt hurt her and tears rolled down from her eyes. Seeing her Aravind felt very bad he knew Arthi loved to wear his shirt and sleep but he never thought of it. He could have been polite instead of being so harsh on her. He saw her face trying to wake up fully and tears rolling down her cheeks. He never can bear her cry no matter what; he never wants her to cry and is always dead against it. She looked pale didn’t know what to say to Aravind or ask him why he is still angry on her. She just murmured Sorry please don’t stay without talking to me. Please don’t be angry on me. Aravind couldn’t see that. He just came back to her hugged her and said ‘I am sorry honey I shouldn’t have shown so much anger on you I am really very sorry dear I am sorry I showed some stupid office tensions on you’ and he kissed her and wiped her tears. Arthi couldn’t say anything she just started crying further saying ‘no matter what please don’t be without talking to me that kills me a lot. Please forgive me. I shall go to the party with you’. He just replied saying ‘Honey I missed you like ever, I am sorry ma. I will take you to our favorite place this weekend no matter what. I shall see to that this never happens again’. Arthi replied ‘No dear I can understand take me to the party this week we shall go to the falls next weekend’. But he didn’t want to continue this talk further that he pulled her towards him self and kissed her hard on her lips. The hugged each other tightly, forgetting all anger and apologies they romanced for ever.

My Toddler

One sunny morning. Aravind was getting ready for office. Arthi was busy preparing his breakfast and lunch. She didn’t notice that her little Arnav had waked up from sleep and was sitting in his cradle. Arthi was cooking nice sandwiches for Aravind. She is a wonderful cook and had a passion for it. But today she was too tired and wasn’t able to. Today it happened so that she woke up late because she couldn’t sleep early the previous night. Her little son was not getting to sleep last night and was playing like ever with full energy with his toys. She tried to put him to sleep but he wouldn’t and at last slept out of tiredness around 12.30am.
After seeing her being so tired Aravind asked her to get to sleep and would manage his food outside for today but she didn’t want that to happen because she was sure that he won’t eat properly if she doesn’t make it and insist him to eat. Aravind though works in a Software concern is too childish when it comes to food. Like all others in the industry he too has a habit of skipping his food and wouldn’t eat properly if its not home made. Arthi used to advise him everyday to have some time for breakfast and lunch but he never listened. Arthi was getting too much worried about him in this aspect. So she made it a point to make his breakfast and lunch ready on time so that he never skips it. Earlier it was too tough when Arnav was just few months old and she would also feel to tired to cook but she made sure that she never showed it. Aravind a loving husband never wanted to see her troubled in any aspect especially after Arnav’s birth.
Arthi was feeling too tired to express it but still managed to keep everything ready. Aravind got dressed up and was about to go have his breakfast, then he heard in his baby cry. He knew Arthi was busy in the kitchen so he went and picked up Arnav from the cradle and took him to the dining table where his breakfast was ready. Arthi was packing his lunch then. The breakfast was very tasty seeing his dad eat Arnav wanted to have some too. But he was too small to have a sandwich so Aravind gave him his favorite biscuits. It was getting late for office when Aravind was about to call Arthi to ask her to pick up Arnav she came out from the kitchen with his lunch. She got Arnav from Aravind and was asking Aravind if he took everything that’s when she came to know he forgot to take his identity card which he usually keeps with his wallet. Leaving Arnav on the floor with his toys in the hall with Aravind putting his shoes she went to the bedroom to get his id card.
It was right on the table she went and gave it to him. Arthi and Arnav went to the portico and said bye to Aravind till his bike crossed the gate. She closed the door and came inside the house. She knew Arnav must be hungry and it was time for his milk so she decided to leave him with his toys for a while to get his milk. Because he was too mischievous and taking him to the kitchen is not safe. Usually it never happens she used to keep his feeding bottle and food ready in place before he wakes up. She had always made it a point not to leave him alone anywhere. Today she had no other go; she had to leave him till she prepares his food. She left him with his toys saying “hey vaalu kutti unakku pasikum naan poi paal eduthutu vara varaikkum samutha velayadanum seriya” she kissed him and was about to go. Something bothered her he wasn’t his usual she looked back at him then she felt may be he is tired like her that’s why he is not as energetic he used to be. She was in the kitchen making milk for her little toddler.
She was back soon with his milk and picked him up and started feeding him with his favorite Mickey Mouse bottle. Arnav was very quick in learning; he usually catches his feeding bottle handle with his tiny little hands even when Arthi holds it. He enjoys his milk when in Arthi’s lap. But today it was not so. He wasn’t interested and kept spilling his milk from his mouth. Arthi sensed something to be wrong and asked him “ enna da chellam pasikalaya” he said nothing, so Arthi thought she would try feeding him after a while. But she noticed like her little toddler looked pale. Arthi didn’t know what to do. She sensed something wrong and tried to check if he got bit by some insects or something. By the time Arnav started to fight for breath then she understood like something was blocking his breath. She immediately took him to the near by hospital and they took him to the emergency. She didn’t know how to react and started praying to god.
Arthi always fussed a lot about going to hospitals because it was always a terror. She was getting too worried; she wanted Aravind to be there. Though she tried to call him on his mobile he never picked it up. It was always a habit of Aravind to keep his mobile on silent mode while driving. Arthi initiated it and he followed it sincerely. Knowing that he would be driving still she wanted some miracle to happen and he should pick up the phone and answer it. Nothing happened. She was about to burst into tears but thank God the doctor came out of emergency and told her Arnav was fine and he can go back home
The doctor told her that the biscuit he had swallowed got stuck in the throat and had caused this. She was very much relieved to hear this. Immediately she rushed to the out patient ward to see her son he was there sitting on the bed with a nurse sitting by his bed side. He was busily playing with a car which the nurse had given him. Arthi was so happy to see her son back to normalcy when she went close to him to pick him up Arnav raised his head and looked up at her and said “Amma” happily than ever dint know how to react Arthi just picked him up and hugged him tightly and burst into tears. She kissed him continuously and was like “ vaalu amma va ippadi than bayamuduthartha hmmm” Arnav though didn’t understand anything smiled at her and hugged her. Arthi never felt tired after that she just wanted to be with her son.
Aravind reached office then…sensing something was wrong from the 23 missed calls from his wife went back home to see Arthi and Arnav together and happily playing. Seeing him Arthi just couldn’t keep this things happened and narrated him everything. While narrating he saw her crying he understood how hard it would have been for her to face such a thing. He asked sorry for his mistake of not making sure that Arnav didn’t swallow up the biscuit instead bit it and ate it. He picked Arnav and kissed him. He decided to take leave from office and stayed with his wife and kid. Only after seeing Aravind Arthi felt tired and while they were all watching Arnav’s favorite Tom and Jerry cartoon in TV she just slept on his shoulders. That’s when Aravind noticed that Arnav was also fast asleep in his arms. He picked them and took them to the bed room and made them rest peacefully. Sitting near their bed Aravind decided to read a book. But his mind wasn’t working and was watching his beauty of his kid and wife sleep. He just thanked god for keeping them safe…..After a while he too slept off in his chair without his conscience.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A dream to come true

A wonderful day in her life, it was around 7 in the morning. A very pleasant day neither sunny nor rainy, a day everyone would be ready to enjoy outside. But Arthi was in a mood to sleep off and rest nicely, what else will Arthi do she was just out of a minor operation. It was really tough for her to manage her home; thank god her mother-in-law was there to help her out. Aravind her husband is a software engineer in an MNC, Arthi have heard from his mom that he was too naughty and mischievous as a child no wonder their daughter Ana is now. Anu is just 2 years old, yet to join a play school enjoyed going out, especially with her dad. Since her operation Arthi can’t strain much and also can’t risk to run behind Anu so was just taking her to the near by parks. She got too bored of all that and was pestering her dad Aravind to take her out some where. That’s when Aravind got to hear of the family day outing to a theme park in his office. They all decided they would go but Arthi had some kind of confusion whether will she be able to manage there because her doctor had advised her that she needed complete rest and shouldn’t strain herself. Even Aravind wanted her to rest at home. But Arthi didn’t want to disappoint her daughter so said will manage. Aravind said he will take her with him for the outing and asked her not to worry. This idea sounded good to Arthi but was little worried.
It’ was almost time for them to get started. Arthi was dressing up her daughter in her favorite blue tops with white trousers, with all matching accessories and shoes. She was overly excited and was so happy running here and there asking Aravind to get ready soon. Arthi then packed a bag with all the dress, food stuff and other things for her daughter since it was a long travel by bus, also it was a trip to theme park Arthi was sure her daughter will play in water, and she loves playing in water. Aravind used to comment about it every time by saying she is exactly like her mom, will never listen in this matter.
They all had breakfast together. Arthi was asking her daughter to drink her glass of milk, which she was avoiding due to her playful mood and was asking so many questions to Aravind.
When Aravind was getting ready to start Arthi was giving advices every moment about handling Anu. Arthi asked him to call every now and then. After hearing everything he just kissed her on her forehead and said don’t worry honey will take care of her, and asked her to be safe and will be back soon. They both started in their car, Arthi was enjoying the beauty of her daughter sitting in the car waving her small hands and saying bye bye to her.

Back at home Arthi cleared the remnants of breakfast, and was preparing her lunch. It was nearly one hour Arthi was getting worried that Aravind didn’t call up. Arthi tried reaching his mobile but couldn’t so Arthi decided to wait for some more time. Arthi prepared her lunch and kept it on the dining table and went to the hall to watch TV for a while. It was around 11.30 still didn’t get any calls. No calls were worrying her a lot. It is the first time Aravind is taking her daughter on a longer travel and outing. Arthi didn’t know how Aravind will manage her. Without her conscience had slept off in the sofa with the TV on when Arthi woke up it was around four still no calls from Aravind. Didn’t know what to do, try calling him again but couldn’t reach. Out of restlessness Arthi started praying to god. Soon around 4.30 Arthi got call from Aravind thank god Arthi was relieved out of the tension that Arthi nearly cried. Tears out of happiness to hear her Aravind’s voice. Everything was going fine before Arthi was about to shout at Aravind for not calling her, he understood her silence and said sorry dear didn’t have proper signal to call you honey, Don’t worry everything is fine…. Before he could complete the statement her daughter snatched the phone from him and shouted “Amma I went for this ride I went on that, in her own language”. Arthi didn’t know how to react to her excitement she was explaining everything to her in the way she understood. Arthi was happy like ever. Arthi blessed her kid and said “enjoy dear but be very careful always be with papa, miss you dear umma”…. Then Arthi asked her to give the phone to Aravind. Arthi was enquiring what and all happened what she ate... was she troubling her, is he able to manage her and all. He answered everything and asked her if she ate Arthi told him like she slept in the sofa itself without her conscience... He asked her to go eat first and stop worrying about them as they both were fine. It was a long conversation on phone nearly for 45min. Then only Arthi felt hungry and had her lunch and took her medicines.
Later that evening they both returned around 7.30pm. ANU was fast asleep on her dad’s shoulders when Arthi opened the door to receive them. She had changed to another dress which Arthi had packed in the bag. Even Aravind had changed. When Arthi took her from him she just opened her eyes and smiled at her….She just asked her “hey kutti how was your day” but she was too tired that she hugged her tight and slept in her arms. Arthi left her at the bed and came to hall to speak to Aravind to ask how the day…was But before he could answer the phone bell rang and Arthi picked it up, it was Aravind’s colleague one of their good friend he was enquiring about her health and said that he had a surprise for her and will come home in another half an hour to give it to her. Arthi dint understand anything neither did Aravind.
Aravind was tired too so she decided will ask him everything tomorrow as it was Sunday. Aravind was resting in the sofa watching news. Arthi went on to prepare dinner. Exactly after half an hour his friend came and Arthi asked him what was that surprise that’s when he said he is going to show a wonderful movie Arthi was not in a mood to watch movie so said will watch it later but he said it was very special and Arthi had to watch it. Though Arthi started watching it out of compulsion didn’t want to stop watching it later one. It was a wonderful video showing a father and a daughter, how the dad took care of his little girl. How they both enjoyed together.
The father and daughter were none other that Aravind and Anu. Even Aravind was surprised to see the video. He never knew his friend had captured everything….
It was so wonderful to see them both. Especially her restless daughter, made him run here and there. She was not letting him even to phone anyone… The day was the best day in her life. She decided to preserve the video for ever. She had nothing to ask Aravind it was all in there in the tape. A sweet memory she just remembered herself and her dad in that place. Sweet it was to see a dad and daughter together.